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Jack Hursh, Loren Jahn, Jack Sutton, and Terry Cynar had a vision when they realized some of the local history was starting to become lost when new development in the Reno area was erasing our local ranch history. Utilizing the existing historical ranch outbuildings originally from the Joe Ferretto Ranch (see Home), the Truckee Meadows Remembered 501(c)(3) non-profit project team of volunteers (Hursh, Jahn, Sutton, and Cynar), with administrative assistance by Washoe County Parks and the Nevada Land Conservancy (Trust), moved and recreated the historical ranch outbuilding setting at Bartley Ranch Park in Reno, Nevada we see today (2020).

Loren Jahn's vision in the form of a pen and ink drawing of what Bartley Ranch Park could look like with the recreation of the historical ranch outbuilding setting.

Poster created in 2002 by Jack Hursh to help others conceptualize the Truckee Meadows Remembered project.

View in March 2004 at Bartley Ranch Park before the Truckee Meadows Remembered buildings were moved to this location.

View from the exact same location in December 2004 at Bartley Ranch Park at the Truckee Meadows Remembered buildings.

Moving buildings in May 2004 from Boomtown.

Truckee Meadows Remembered volunteer Loren Jahn was given permission to salvage authentic materials from historical ranch properties that were slated for demolition and development. These authentic materials have been reutilized on the buildings at Bartley Ranch Park for an arrested decay style preservation and authentic appearance.

Jack Hursh cleaning old authentic windows to be utilized

in the buildings at Bartley Ranch Park.

Old window restored by Loren Jahn in place in the bunkhouse at Bartley Ranch Park.

Jack Hursh (left) and Loren Jahn (right) restoring the roof on the lamb shack.

Jack Sutton (left), Jack Hursh (center), and Loren Jahn (right) with Old Glory on the bunkhouse porch.

Terry Cynar restoring the outhouse.

Truckee Meadows Remembered Bartley Ranch Park in Fall View by Jack Hursh

Typical fall day in 2016 with activities at Bartley Ranch Park with the Truckee Meadows Remembered buildings.

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