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The Truckee Meadows Remembered project involved moving five small historical ranch outbuildings to Bartley Ranch Park in May of 2004. The five buildings were originally from the Joe Ferretto Ranch in the Huffaker’s area on South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada. Boomtown moved them to their casino property in the early 1990s and used them for a couple years in a country jamboree setting. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Reno citizens Jack Hursh, Loren Jahn, Jack Sutton, and Terry Cynar, the buildings were relocated and arranged at Bartley Ranch Park in a similar fashion to the original setting at the Joe Ferretto Ranch. These buildings date to circa 1860s to 1910s and include a cook house, carriage house, bunk house, outhouse, chicken coop with pigeon loft, granary/tool shed, and lambing shack.

These humble shacks and shanties represent some of the oldest remaining examples of vernacular (home built) architecture in the region. A couple of these buildings may have existed in territorial days before there even was a Reno. Their architectural style is not Italianate, not Greek Revival, not Colonial, or not Victorian—They are Nevadan!! Besides that their rusty tin roofs and sun beaten wood siding make them beautiful!

This website features the photographic work of Jack Hursh
and pen and ink work of Loren Jahn, both of Reno, Nevada.

Truckee Meadows Remembered in Snow Season at Bartley Ranch by Jack Hursh

Truckee Meadows Remembered historical ranch outbuilding display at Bartley Ranch Park, Reno, Nevada, December 2004.

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